Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Future Development

Daniel Brooks Homes

The HPHA received approval from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to demolish and dispose of the primary site at the Daniel Brooks Homes community. This HUD approval, along with the previously approved $6.5 Housing Bond that the HPHA has secured from the City of High Point, will allow for the construction of new affordable housing on the site.

The Daniel Brooks Homes community was developed in 1942, and it is the oldest property in the HPHA inventory.  HPHA’s redevelopment plan for this community includes demolition of 246 total units in this neighborhood.  The primary site at Daniel Brooks Homes provides homes to 216 families. The HUD approval allows for the relocation of these families and demolition of the buildings on this site.  The redevelopment project includes an additional 28 units in the Daniel Brook Annex community and 2 adjacent scattered site units.

HPHA counselors will assist the residents with various relocation options, including moves to alternative Public Housing communities in High Point or other rental communities using a Housing Choice Voucher. The HPHA will provide relocation assistance and oversee the relocation of every household displaced, providing tailored relocation plans that ensure a seamless transition and positive experience.

The relocation process will continue into 2020, and the demolition of the existing buildings will occur when that process is complete, allowing for the construction of 100 new mixed-income housing units to start in 2021 on a portion of the site. An additional 164 units will be developed off-site, bringing the total number of mixed-income rental units to 264.  Laurel Street will be the master developer of the new communities and previously partnered with HPHA to develop Park Terrace Apartments over three phases. 

The new housing will provide quality residential options that are affordable to households of varying income levels. The relocated residents of Daniel Brooks Homes will have a priority right to return to the new housing if they choose to participate in the HPHA’s Family Self-sufficiency program. This program supports families in their efforts toward upward mobility and financial independence and stability. 

The redevelopment will aid in the deconcentration of poverty, development of new mixed-income housing and preservation of the HPHA’s commitment to provide quality affordable housing in High Point.